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How long will the repair take?2017-02-19T18:18:38+00:00

The length of repair time is determined based on the problem with your device. The majority of repairs are completed the same day they are received. Certain repairs may require us to order parts, thus adding to the repair time. A technician will contact you with a quote and estimated repair time the day your device is received. No work will be done on your device without prior authorization.

How much will my repair cost?2017-02-19T18:18:33+00:00

To receive a repair estimate from Super Fast Cell, please send an e-mail to superfastcell@gmail.com with the following information:

• Device Make and Model
• When Did the Device Break
• What Happened Prior to the Device Breaking
• Phone Number (Needed If We Have Specific Questions Once We Receive the Device)
• Short Description of the Problem
• Preferred Method of Contact — Phone or E-Mail
How do I pay for my repair?2017-02-19T18:18:45+00:00

Super Fast Cell accepts all major credit and debit cards. We accept cash. No personal checks are accepted.

Do the repairs include all parts and labor?2017-02-19T18:18:52+00:00

All repairs include all parts and labor needed to complete the associated repair.

There are multiple issues with my device. Do you offer any repair bundles?2017-02-19T18:19:00+00:00

We can offer competitive pricing on multiple repair issues. A repair technician will contact you with a repair quote once a determination of the repairs required has been made.

I have multiple phones that need to be repaired. Do you offer any volume pricing?2017-02-19T18:19:06+00:00

Super Fast Cell will work with the customer to provide the best pricing available on multiple device repairs.